Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stinking Storms...

If you can read this- please forgive the delay in wrapping up my latest contest! It seams we're having some firewall vs. ftp issues... there was a storm... there was lightening... and now I can't post, or at least it looks that way from here...
More soon, a new firewall is on its way...

Sunday, July 15, 2007





Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Learning to Knit- At Any Age!

Wow! I'm loving the responses to the current contest! If you haven't taken the time yet, do try to steal a few moments of blogtime to read through some of the comments where knitters from far and wide tell when they learned to knit. It's a quaint way to get to know one another just a little bit better- as far as our common knitterly interests are concerned anyway.

Some of you learned to knit at a pretty young age (some even learned in school- wish my school had taught that!) Some of you learned to knit in your empty nest years (just in time to knit for grandbabies!) And so many more of you learned to knit somewhere in between...

Keep the responses coming in- they are so fun to read! I haven't had time to respond to too many of the comments, but I have stopped by several new (to me) and enjoyable blogs, and I would encourage you all to do the same. This is such a great community and I'm loving being a part of it, I hope you are too!
Happy knitting-

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Summer of Socks '07: Sock 1 Done

Well, I may not be off to the fastest start, but seeing as I forgot I had even signed up for this knit-along event I guess the fact that I got off to any start at all is enough reason for a little self-congratulatory pat on the back...

My first SoS sock took me 8 days... I came home from the second week of my sock class (on the evening of June 21st) and cast on. I then spent the week dividing my time between my 2 socks- my non-SoS sock-class sock (which, sadly, cannot count towards my SoS total as it was cast on a week prematurely, (whining) if only the class had started on the 21st instead of the 14th...), and my 1st real SoS sock- a simple garter rib sock in Trekking XXL (color #108). Over those 7 days, both socks were knit to the toe shaping- and like a good little student, I saved the toe shaping for the next class, and, by 7pm on the 28th (end of class) I had one complete sock, done entirely on 2 circular needles- I'm not ready to start tossing any dpn's, but I am seriously liking this technique. That sock didn't/doesn't count (for SoS2007)... But, early the next day I had one that counted! Yay! The only problem is that even though I have 2 completed socks, alas, I do not have a matching pair, yet...

The completed sock class sock!

On foot...

So I knit on... and on and on and on... and I am in the home stretch on my 2nd SoS sock- my heel is turned and I am knitting across the foot. I had hoped to finish it by today so I could come in at under 2 weeks for my first pair- but no, it's been a rather light knitting week here as I've watched yet another stomach bug move through my children, and then there was the holiday, and now I'm sitting at the computer instead of knitting...

Soon, sock #2, soon!

Happy knitting,


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