Friday, August 24, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?!

Whew! Well, that was a crazy month...
Sorry for the long absense, there was a storm, and then there was no firewall, and then there was no money for the kind of big fancy firewall tech-savvy folks like us need... then there was a firewall, but no massive surge protection (we've blown through two of these hum-dingers already from storms... Grrr...) And then there was a week with my 4 year old in the hospital with double pneumonia, again... and then I was tired...

I'm still tired, but I figure since I try to tell my kids to get up and get back to it, to push themselves a little further than they think they can go, and to stay on task until said task is completed (notice I did say try to tell me kids these things,) well, I guess I better lead by example.

When we last met, we were in the midst of a contest. In fact, it was the night before I was to announce the winner of said contest when the storm that blew the last firewall hit. We've had a few crazy storms this season... Well, I've gone and done picked myself a random winner- drumroll.....................................
and the lucky winner is- Catherine, of yogurt & granola! And, how fun, it's a fellow Minnesotan (she'll understand the storms, I'm pretty sure...)

I loved reading the entries for this contest. Our knitting stories were so varied, with so many differing experiences relating to the learning of the same skill/art.

Well, as I haven't been sleeping much lately, my eyes are droopy, my thoughts are slow, and I'm experiencing more typos per minute than I can stand... I'll try to get back on knitting track tomorrow... until then,

Happy knitting-

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Testing, Testing, 1... 2... 3...

"Is this thing on?"

I just lost my whole post again, arghh!
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