Thursday, December 28, 2006

Skeins Her Way- How It All Started

Hello, my name is Ali, and I need to knit.

It all started a couple of years ago after watching my sister-in-law sit and knit a baby sweater over conversation and coffee. It looked so easy and fun, and it appeared to be a great way to be doing two things at once, well, at least when there's conversation and coffee to be had. I'm big on doing two things at once, more if you can manage, but let's not get sloppy.

Well, never really having the time to visit and get a real lesson, and my curiosity (and impatience) getting the best of me, I headed to town- to the old BenFranklin, to buy my first needles, some cheap yarn, and a little booklet creatively entitled "Learn to Knit". I was set. It's not rocket science (if it was, I could always ask my cousin Eric for help...) A few diagrams and clearly written instructions and I was soon knitting and purling my way through swatches of stockinette stitch, some 1x1 and some 2x2 ribbing, and even a bit of seed stitch. I was hooked. That sounds too crochet... I was cast on? Whatever, I was obesessed, that pretty much describes it.

Thus began my habit, ehem, hobby... and my desire for more needles, more yarn, and more books. I had soon started more baby sweaters than I could ever hope to finish. You see, I have this issue with project completion- I don't know why... I just always seem to need to start the next project right away, usually to never pick up the old one. Bad, I know. I did finish a few baby things...

And then I discovered REAL yarn- natural fibers, and that really got me excited. It also got me wondering how I was going to support my habit, which was now going to cost me even more of something I never have much of- cash. I have found a way, but that's another story for another post.
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