Friday, January 22, 2010

Take 2

I headed outside of my cave-like home for some natural light. I'm much more satisfied with this shot, hoping to capture another nice one today. This could prove to be an interesting project, less than a month into it and I'm having to really think about the shots so they don't all end up looking the same.

I went ahead and started a flickr group, just because I could. (grin) Hop on over and join up, if you'd like to play along, so we can all see each other's creativity in yarnography. Do not, I repeat, do NOT, feel pressured to have to take, edit, and post a pic everyday. Close enough is close enough. Skip a few days? Take a few pics the next time, it's still keeping with the general idea, no strait-jackets here.

The ONLY rule is to HAVE FUN with it!

I'm hoping to get caught up, or at least close to it, (trying not to pressure my own perfectionist self) with my editing and uploading this weekend. That, and finishing the scarf that has me baffled. It's not really the scarf, it's the mistake I made, I still can't figure out how I did it. (I will explain later, after I've conquered, or at least compensated.) I am what you could call completely confused, but I am also determined to knit on. It's one of those mistakes that no one would notice, if I didn't show & tell them...
Back with more soon,
happy knitting-


Friday, January 15, 2010

A Year in Yarn, 2010 - Day 1

I had an idea, and I'm late to edit and post my pics. At least, I'm late if the idea was to start on January 1st, which it was, but, oh well, here goes...

The idea was/is to chronicle A Year in Yarn. A pic a day, of yarn, Easy-peasy. Think Project 365 meets yarn. It will be interesting to see how my eye for yarn develops over the year.
I've seen some pretty nice yarnography around the web. Much of it inspires me, good photos do that, inspire. I'm having so much fun getting to know my camera more and more each day and am so very excited to see what this new year of learning how to take good pictures will bring.
Every now and then I steal a moment or two to edit some pics and save in a special folder. I'd love to print up some mosaics every few weeks and add them to my knitting journal throughout the months ahead. Pictures are worth so much more when printed out to be shared and enjoyed
Years from now, if I ever get the chance to knit with my children's children, it would be so sweet to have pictures of this time in my life, this time when I am drawn to yarn and all of its possibilities.
Care to play along?
Happy knitting-


Friday, January 01, 2010

Another Day, Another Year, Another Sock

Ah, so much to knit, so little time... I know, we're only 1 day into the new year, a lot of time lies ahead of us, but personally, it wouldn't matter how many years lie ahead, I've got a lot going on, and I always feel the familiar "There aren't enough hours in a day" lament in a very real way.

There might be enough hours if there weren't so many things I wanted to do each day, one of the prices to be paid for being such a well-rounded person, I guess.

That being said, there out to be enough hours to finish this little unfinished baby sock. Ok, this big baby sock, for the very big chubby foot of my growing little guy. He may be 14 months old and an accomplished walker, but he's still my baby, with big feet.

The first pair I whipped up a couple weekends ago looked big enough on the needles. They even looked big enough laying there all finished and just waiting for Baby J to wake up from his nap.

And then I tried to get them on his feet. They were a might bit constricting, um yeah, bummer. Oh, well, my baby sister is due with a baby boy in February...

What did you knit first this year? Do tell...!

Happy New Knitting Year!


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