Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To Bake, or Not to Bake- That is the Question

Every year, right about this time, the time when it just starts getting hot enough to be a bit uncomfortable once you add the extra heat of having the oven on for an hour or two, I get bitten by the baking bug. I can't really explain it. I like to cook and I like to bake, but I'm no queen of the cookie.

I live in Minnesota, a land where rising fuel prices have made it increasingly more expensive to stay warm in the winter (in addition to filling the gas tanks in the vehicles, we won't even mention that...) It would make sense for me to bake all winter long. I have an electric range, our furnace runs on propane, which seems to add up a lot more than our electric bill in the winter. In the winter I bake things like chickens, roasts, pizzas, and enough french fries to feed an army of 8, but not a lot of 'baked goods'.

And then late spring/early summer hits, and I get an insatiable urge to start baking cakes and muffins, cookies and scones, even the occasional pie. Perhaps it is the thought of summer menus and avoiding the oven for months. Perhaps it is the repetitive reading of A Friend to Knit With's blog. Perhaps it is a yet unnamed syndrome that I should seek treatment for. Whatever it is, it is feeding my pregnant sweet tooth (and causing this strange numerical increase phenomenon on the scale... the whipping cream could have something to do with it, perhaps...)

In the last couple weeks, I've made 3 'cookie cakes', a rhubarb crisp with the first harvest of our homegrown rhubarb, and some raspberry scones (frozen raspberries, when they're ripe, we eat 'em off the plants as fast as we can grow 'em around here, mental note- need to plant more raspberries...)

What does this have to do with knitting? Not much, expect for how comforting it is to sit with warm baked goods, a good strong latte with freshly whipped cream (just whip up about twice as much as you think the kids will need on their 'cookie cakes', that should leave enough for coffee drinks...), and some yarn. Knit a row/rnd, take a bite, take a sip, breath a deep sigh of contentment. Now this is living... and those pictures are making me need another latte...
Happy knitting-
*health update- 19 month old had CT scan yesterday to rule out broken nose, hemotomas, and any subcranial bleeding, or something like that; bruising is turning ugly, poor thing
-5 yr old's asthma got bad enough for another ER visit last night; no admission though, waiting with the 'big guns' (oral steroids) for now, seems allergic and not bacterial- no pneumonia so far; closed up house, turned on AC early, installed fresh filter, gave benedryl as well as nebs, and she's holding stable, still not out of the woods with this episode, but maybe keeping her out of all the pollens for a bit will help- she needs more allergy testing, one more apt to make...
*contest update- still time to set some goals for summer knitting!



Blogger Jess said...

Oh goodness, poor kids! I am sure with the lack of sleep the latte's are coming aplenty! Yummy!

6/18/2008 4:22 PM  
Blogger km said...

You're making me hungry. I have a sweet tooth all the time.

Glad that the health issues are under control for now. I subscribe to pollen alerts from here...
I'm not sure if they have your area, but it would be worth it to check.

6/18/2008 4:35 PM  
Anonymous kim said...

Oh, those poor babies! (And poor you! because watching your poor babies suffer is almost as terrible). I hope things get on track soon.

Leslie does intice the baking, doesn't she?! Those cookie/cakes are awesome.

6/19/2008 7:38 AM  
Blogger mrspao said...

I know what you mean!

6/19/2008 1:30 PM  
Blogger raining sheep said...

I think I need to go to your house for coffee...I can't bake anything...except for pizza dough...I can make a good pizza's just not sweet.

6/20/2008 9:03 AM  
Blogger Yarn Thing said...

Hey Girl!!! I met your sister and mama at TNNA!!! It was like talking to an old friend...very strange since she and I had never met :-)


6/20/2008 9:56 PM  
Blogger psalm127 said...

Oh I feel for the little ones.:( Those baked goods and latte I could sure go for right now. yummy

6/21/2008 7:07 AM  
Blogger Dove Knits said...

Your poor kids! I'm really hoping all will be well with them (and the rest of y'all) soon.

I always get the baking bug around June/July, too! And I always want to knit wool sweaters at this time, too.

6/21/2008 5:54 PM  
Blogger a friend to knit with said...

baking is great....and summertime baking like muffins and scones...and breads is a favorite of mine, too!
cookie cakes and rhubarb crisp sound amazing!
now I want to make rhubarb crisp!!!

so sorry about your little ones....hope all is well now.

6/26/2008 5:07 AM  

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